A Paradise within Paradise

A Paradise within a Paradise

Riddell’s Bay is a paradise within a paradise, unequalled on the entire island. Gorgeous natural surroundings and large, luxurious lots, make Riddell’s Bay the perfect escape for anyone seeking a different pace from the bustle of city life.

Riddell’s Bay

Beauty, Privacy, Comfort

Riddell’s Bay invites residents to enjoy unique benefits that can’t be found anywhere else in Bermuda. The large home sites and vast swatches of natural land around each home offer a level of privacy and comfort unsurpassed on the island, whilst the relaxed pace of life and 66-acre gardens nurture a healthy, calming lifestyle.

A Win-Win Proposition

There are two distinct classes of homesites on Riddell’s Bay: waterfront lots and hillside lots. Each offers panoramic views of Bermuda and the sea around it, allowing residents to choose the homesite that speaks the most to them.

Riddell’s Bay

Your Choice

Riddell’s Bay Gardens & Nature Reserve offers the perfect canvas on which to design and build the perfect home. There isn’t a more peaceful and soothing backdrop to life than on the waterfront sites at Riddell’s Bay. Equally, Riddell’s Bay’s hillside lots open on to lush, rolling hills and elevated panoramic views of Bermuda’s west end and the Great Sound.

Surrounded by Natural Beauty

With wide terraces offering sweeping views of beautiful nature from all homes in Riddell’s Bay, the only thing to consider by those choosing a home is which stunning view they would rather wake up to.