Gardens and Nature Reserve

Gardens and Nature Reserve

With the collaboration of leading architects, landscape designers and many dedicated to the preservation of Bermuda’s flora and fauna, the Riddell’s Bay Gardens & Nature Reserve is now a unique garden setting and a paradise for wildlife and endemic species.

Riddell’s Bay: Bermuda’s Largest Park & Nature Reserve

Riddell’s Bay
66 Acres
Spittal Pond
64 Acres
37 Acres
Botanical Gardens
36 Acres
Paget Marsh
25 Acres
22 Acres

Preserving & Protecting
Flora and Fauna

The Riddell’s Bay Gardens & Nature Reserve has been designed to nurture and provide a sanctuary for Bermuda’s flora and fauna whilst offering residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy an unmatched canvas of beauty and serenity.

Riddell’s Bay


The repositioning of Riddell’s Bay is a once-in-a-lifetime project that is restoring a large part of Bermuda to its former, natural, endemic form whilst adding an overlay of manicured gardens and walking paths to be enjoyed by current and future generations.

The Largest Endemic
Green Space in Bermuda

The Riddell’s Bay Gardens & Nature Reserve is the largest natural green space in Bermuda. The restoration of Riddell’s Bay represents a return to Bermuda’s former, natural endemic form whilst enhancing its beauty and offering for current and future generations.